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Pura Car Diffuser Refill - Available in 7 Scents

Pura Car Diffuser Refill - Available in 7 Scents

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Linens and Surf - Freshly laundered linens radiate jasmine and creamy coconut with splashes of refreshing sea spray.

Teak and Leather - A salty sea breeze joins teakwood and blue leather for a scent both luxurious and high-end.

White Tea No. 1 - Refreshing notes of white tea, bergamot, and jasmine create a luxurious, spa-like experience.

Ivory Woods - Create a cool, icy escape with rock springs and iced juniper balanced by white pine and luxe cashmere.

Cucumber and Mint - Herbs, lemon water, fresh lavender, and cedar create an aromatic scent that restores.

Salt - Warm citrus notes mingle with clary sage, freesia, and softwoods, creating a beautifully sweet and beachy scent.

Red Rock and Amber - 

Create your own desert oasis with fragrant geranium and red rock minerals warmed by amber resin and grounding desert woods.

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