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Nation LTD

Nation LTD "Logan" Oversized Bomber-White Chocolate

Nation LTD "Logan" Oversized Bomber-White Chocolate

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It's the quilted bomber jacket you were obsessed with, but with a softer, feminine edge (thank the micro quilted pattern) and the oversized, cozy fit you love. Throw it on for post-work dinners, and leave it on when you're relaxing on the couch afterwards. (This one comes in White Chocolate.)

78% Cotton, 22% Polyester. 3 months to biodegrade depending on soil conditions, but the polyester portion will remain anywhere from 20-200 years.

Small gold snaps


A little more room than normal. Designed to fit large.

78% Cotton 22% Polyester. Warm, but breathable.

Machine washable. We recommend the delicate cycle with like colors and cold water. Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting. It's best to wash these items separate from abrasive items like denim, towels, or items with hardware (zippers, buttons) as it causes unnecessary wear and tear.


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