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Malarkey Kids

Malarkey Kids Mint Munch Mitt - Green Triangles

Malarkey Kids Mint Munch Mitt - Green Triangles

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The Munch Mitt is the original, mom-created teething mitten that babies love. A ‘handy’ solution for infants of all ages and sizes, the Munch Mitt provides relief from teething pain in a safe, easy-to-clean product that goes wherever they do. Suggested age range 3-7 months.

Face thumb of silicone towards baby's mouth and place over baby's hand; fasten firmly around baby's wrist or arm. Flip to use on either right or left hand.

The Munch Mitt is designed for babies from 3-8 months but can be used up to 12 months of age as every child will teeth at their own pace. As your baby grows and develops, they will be able to remove the mitt themselves and can continue to use the mitt as a traditional handheld teether. The strap can also be used to attach it to stroller straps or a toy clip. 

The Munch Mitt design and materials have been safety tested and exceed all global baby product safety standards, including CPSIA regulations. The teether surface is 100% food-grade silicone and is BPA, Phthalate, and Latex-free.

For a quick clean, simply wash the silicone part with warm water and soap, pat dry or air dry.

Dry drool build-up on any material for very long periods will make the fabric smelly. Even though the mitt may not look dirty, we suggest doing a full wash of the mitt periodically by doing the following:

  • Place Munch Mitt in wash bag or alone in the washer on a gentle cycle, warm or cold water.
  • Munch Mitt can be machine dried on a short gentle/delicate low or on the no heat cycle.
  • Do not over dry or use hot heat.
  • If the Munch Mitt is still slightly damp inside, open as much as possible and air dry until ready for use.

Because of the Munch Mitt's high-quality water-resistant fabric, it may take 24 hours or more to air dry. Ensure inside of Munch Mitt is fully dry before putting back on baby. Do not leave Munch Mitt wet inside a plastic bag, washer or enclosed air-tight area after washing or when wet. Dry in dryer or leave open and air dry.

It is not necessary to cool or freeze the Munch Mitt as the firm textured silicone will effectively aid teething relief at room temperature. When baby bites or rubs the surface on their gums, it produces a counter pressure which provides pain relief. If you choose to cool the Munch Mitt, please do so by placing only the silicone part of it in a cup of ice. Do not insert the material part in the ice, as it will become cold and/or wet, making it unpleasant for baby.


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