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            Men's Socks - Tee It Up

            Are you looking for fun socks with a sporty flare? Tee It Up! Our golf socks are on par with the best sock game out there. Whether walking the green or lounging at the nineteenth hole, these sports socks will take you through the day in style.

            Dear Barber Fibre Hair Cream

            IDEAL FOR All hair types, extreme styles, long-lasting hold. BENEFITS Dear Barber Fibre provides our strongest available hold strength. The mega-elastic fibre technology contains VP/VA Copolymer which creates a thin moisture barrier that will help keep even the most hard to achieve styles in place all day.

            Fulton & Roark Aftershave Cloths

            The perfect blend of fragrance and function. Our aftershave cloths combine sage and bergamot with witch hazel and eucalyptus to cool, soothe and invigorate your skin. The 100% cotton cloths are individually packaged and contain just the right amount of liquid, making them an easy post-shave solution, whether you are home or abroad. If you're like us, you'll want to...

            Fulton & Roark 2-1 Shampoo and Bodywash

            Our two-in-one shampoo body wash lathers up with invigorating notes of rosemary and peppermint, then rinses away to reveal notes of cedar and sage. The combination formula is strong enough to cleanse away sweat, dirt and product from your hair and skin without overdrying. This is not a shampoo that “kinda” cleans your body. Nor is it a body wash...

            Fulton & Roark Shave Cream

            Friction is the problem. F&R Shaving Cream is the solution. In short, shaving is the process of dragging one or more sharpened metal blades across your face in hopes of cutting your facial hair as closely as possible. Metal-on-face friction is not so good for your skin. Fulton & Roark’s shave cream was designed to create an ultra-slick, no-foam layer...

            Fulton & Roark Cleansing Tool

            Get a deeper clean with the Fulton & Roark Cleansing Tool. Silicone bristles help to remove dirt and oil while gently exfoliating the skin. Perfect for the man who sports a five o' clock (or five-day) shadow, the patented Cleansing Tool powers through stubble to help unclog pores and improve overall complexion. The flexible bacteria-resistant silicone material makes this Cleansing...

            Men's Socks - Jack O' All Trades

            Although a little corny, we can’t get enough of these Halloween socks! If they need mending, we recommend a pumpkin patch, but you’re a Jack O’ All Trades - so you know that already! 

            Men's Socks - Candy Corn

            Sink your teeth (or rather, your toes) into these fun socks! Candy corn socks sweeten up your style with a cool, Halloween vibe. These candy socks are an excellent choice for your trick-or-treating adventures, even when it’s not Halloween.

            Men's Socks - Hoppier Together

            Meet your new favorite Oktoberfest socks! We’re guessing, your feet and these beer socks would most likely be hoppier together. Step into these beauties and find out! Featuring golden-delicious mugs of beer and hops flowers, these ale socks are brewing up some buzz-worthy fashion.

            Men's Socks - Guitars

            Sing a country song wearing these guitar socks for men and you'll be inspired through your feet! Featuring an acoustic guitar print, they are perfect for the music enthusiast.

            Men's Socks - Out To The Ballgame

            Take our baseball socks out to the ballgame, or out to dinner, or over to bae's house to meet the parents. Try wearing this sock on one foot, with a corndog sock on the other for a game-ready fashion double play.

            Men's Socks - Trout

            Going on a fishing trip this summer? Or ice fishing in the winter? Wear these socks and you're guaranteed to be more in-tune with the trout. 

            Men's Socks

            Do you live-in or love the Lone Star State? Then these Texas socks are a perfect fit for you! Featuring the state flag inside the state of Texas, these socks will show your state pride.

            Men's Socks Black Herringbone

            We have a fashion bone to pick with you; we want you to wear better socks. These ultra soft bamboo herringbone socks are an excellent place to start. From the office to your dinner date, these luxury socks keep your style below the knees on point.

            Men's Socks - Navy Herringbone

            We have a fashion bone to pick with you; we want you to wear better socks. These ultra soft bamboo herringbone socks are an excellent place to start. From the office to your dinner date, these luxury socks keep your style below the knees on point.

            Men's Shave Set - Black and Chrome

            This handsome set includes a soap/lather brush, a razor and stand, and a soap bowl. It makes a great gift!

            Men's Shave Set - Rosewood and Chrome

            SHAVE SET INCLUDES: *ROSEWOOD SOAP/LATHER BRUSH - (pure & natural bristle) *ROSEWOOD HANDLE RAZOR - (lightweight, comfortable to hold & uses the GILLETTE MACH III replacement blades) *CHROME PLATED RAZOR & BRUSH STAND *CHROME SOAP BOWL

            Spongelle Men's Extreme Buffer

            Introducing the New Men’s Extreme Buffer in a small and convenient travel size! The Men’s Extreme Buffer has a Built-in Body Wash that will forever change his shower experience. The invigorating scent of Bergamot Absolute is the perfect scent to kick-start your day, take to the gym or to refresh in the evenings. Enriched with cayenne pepper extract that will...

            Dear Barber Mattifier Cream

            IDEAL FOR Texture, increased volume, strong hold. BENEFITS Dear Barber Mattifier creates separation with a matte finish. The sophisticated combination of ingredients includes beeswax and carnuba wax that provides a strong yet flexible hold. It provides immediate grab and lends the appearance of thicker hair.

            Dear Barber Shaping Cream

            IDEAL FOR Natural look, texture, pre-blow drying to create that initial shape or style. BENEFITS Enriched with avocado oil which helps to keep your hair and scalp conditioned. It provides a natural "product free" appearance. Suitable for all hair types.

            Dear Barber Shave Biscuit

            IDEAL FOR Recreating the traditional wet shave experience. BENEFITS Dear Barber Shave Biscuit is a rich shaving formula with a crisp finish, promoting a close and silky smooth shave. This product lubricates and protects the skin for the ultimate shaving experience.

            Dear Barber Shave Oil

            IDEAL FOR A silky shave experience. BENEFITS Nutrient rich almond, grape seed and tea tree oils soften your facial hair. Dear Barber Shave Oil reduces shaving irritation and leaves skin soft to the touch. Our non-greasy formula improves razor glide for a smoother finish.

            Dear Barber Beard Oil

            IDEAL FOR All facial hair. From stubble to a ’tache to a full-on beard. BENEFITS Rich in argan, almond and coconut oils to condition dry, brittle hair. Reducing protein loss for long term beard health whilst keeping skin nourished and soft.

            Fulton & Roark Dopp Kit

            Inspiration for the Fulton & Roark Dopp Kit was born from the same ethos as all F&R products: Start with a design that honors both form and function and then use the best materials available to ensure that the end product is built for the way men operate. Created in partnership with Centennial Trading Company out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina,...

            Fulton & Roark Bar Soap

            For us, the quality of a soap can be determined by two things: how it makes you feel during your shower, and how it makes you feel afterward. A blend of rhassoul (Moroccan red clay) and oat flour provides light exfoliation, while shea and cocoa butters combined with natural essential oils help to hydrate your skin. An energizing blend of...

            Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - Hatteras

            This modern Fougère is a rugged green fragrance featuring notes of lavender and fresh hay balanced by deep woods, vetiver, oakmoss and incense. The masculine fragrance is at once familiar and fascinating, confident but unpretentious. And, just like the man who wears it, Hatteras is certain to leave an impression. Known as a sportsman’s paradise, Hatteras Island has a long...

            Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - Shackleford

            A sophisticated blend of Australian sandalwood, rich leather and amber with hints of dried fruits and reeds, Shackleford creates an effect that is as rugged-meets-sophisticated as the man wearing it. Shackleford Banks is a small North Carolina island famous for the wild horses that have roamed its beaches for centuries. Also known for its distinctive windblown trees that cover the...

            Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - Tybee

            Our homage to crisp sea air, Tybee opens with delicate top notes of amber and brisk musk that give way to an inviting blend of rosewood and cedarwood. The resulting aura is both clean and complex with a distinct atmospheric quality. An ideal summer fragrance, this bright blend never strays toward the soapy, but instead remains the perfect complement to...